DUI And Impact on Immigration Status


With illegal immigration such a hot button issue today, a common question that is asked regarding a New Jersey DUI case is how an immigrant will be dealt with in the event that there is a charge of DUI. If the immigrant is in the United States illegally, it could be a severe blow to their hopes to … [Read more...]

DWI And Personal Lawsuits In New Jersey


In New Jersey, when a person is facing the legal ramifications from a charge of the traffic offense of driving while intoxicated, there are incidents that occur that will also lead to personal lawsuits against the driver. With a DWI, the arrest carries with it significant penalties that will affect … [Read more...]

Penalties For NJ DWI With Child Passenger


In New Jersey, driving while intoxicated is taken seriously with penalties that include fines, driver’s license suspensions, surcharges and possible jail time. For a person who is arrested and convicted of the traffic offense of DWI, the aftermath can be costly both in time and in the pocket. … [Read more...]

New Jersey DWI And Ignition Interlock Device


When a driver in New Jersey is arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated or for refusing to submit to a breath test to determine the blood alcohol content when requested to do so by a law enforcement officer, one of the penalties that can be assessed is to have an ignition interlock device … [Read more...]

Penalties For Underage Alcohol Possession


In New Jersey, the legal age to drink is 21. That, however, doesn’t mean that people under the age of 21 won’t do whatever they can – using a fake ID, having an of age person purchase the alcohol for them – to acquire alcohol. Under New Jersey law, it is illegal for a person under age 21 to possess, … [Read more...]

Penalties For Underage DWI In New Jersey


In New Jersey, charges for driving while intoxicated can be levied regardless of the driver’s age. However, the levels of alcohol in the blood are different for people who are 21 and over – of legal drinking age – and for those who are under the age of 21 and have been drinking illegally. Because … [Read more...]

Penalties For DWI In School Zone


In New Jersey, while all instances of committing a traffic offense by driving under the influence are taken seriously, certain factors can serve to make the act treated more harshly in the event of a conviction. The penalties for a DWI under most circumstances are bad enough with driver’s license … [Read more...]

Garden State Penalties For DWI Pilots


In New Jersey, most people associate operating a vehicle under the influence with a DWI in a motor vehicle. Some might realize that it can happen with a boat as well. Few even consider the possibility of a drunk operator emerging from the sky, but it’s very possible if a pilot flies under the … [Read more...]

Driving With A DWI Suspension


In New Jersey, when a driver is arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated, there are multiple penalties that he or she will face as a result. Depending on the blood alcohol content that is measured in their system, the penalties will vary. One of the punishments that is a part of every … [Read more...]

NJ DUI And Prescription Pills Penalties


In New Jersey, if a driver is arrested and convicted of driving under the influence, it generally involves alcohol or recreational drugs. What many are unaware of, however, is that driving under the influence of prescription pills can lead to the same charges as for alcohol and illicit drug use. … [Read more...]

DWI And Illegal Drugs Penalties


In New Jersey, being arrested for driving under the influence doesn’t just apply to alcohol. Drivers who are under the influence of drugs can also be arrested and convicted for DWI. The drugs for which a driver will face charged for driving under the influence of drugs (DUID) can be hallucinogens, … [Read more...]

Commercial DWI Penalties In New Jersey


Commercial drivers use their vehicles to make a living. While most are conscientious and serious about their jobs, driving legally and not committing various infractions such as driving under the influence, there are still times when commercial drivers get caught breaking New Jersey law. DWI is … [Read more...]

Garden State Boating DWI Penalties


In New Jersey, infractions committed while intoxicated are usually associated with driving a motor vehicle. Many who are so accustomed to the traffic violation of DWI occurring don’t even consider the possibility of a person operating a boat being arrested and charged with boating while intoxicated. … [Read more...]

New Jersey Breath Test Refusal Penalties


Driving while intoxicated is a traffic offense that is taken very seriously in New Jersey. Drivers need to be aware that law enforcement officers are constantly on the watch for the possibility that drivers are drunk. Because drunk driving can cause so much damage to other drivers, pedestrians and … [Read more...]

Out Of State Driver Penalties for NJ DWI


New Jersey laws intended to prevent and punish drivers for driving under the influence in the state are applicable to any driver driving in New Jersey. They don’t just apply to drivers who live in the state and have a license issued by New Jersey. If a driver who lives out of state and has an out of … [Read more...]

DWI Third Conviction Penalties In New Jersey


In New Jersey, drunk driving is a traffic offense and not a criminal charge. That, however, doesn’t alter the fact that it is taken very seriously and law enforcement is constantly looking for vehicles that are being operated by drivers under the influence. There are certain penalties for a driver … [Read more...]

DWI Second Conviction Penalties In New Jersey


For drivers who are caught driving under the influence in New Jersey, there are certain punishments they will face if they are convicted. The penalties for a first offense DWI are designed to dissuade those who are considering driving after drinking or using drugs from doing so. Of course, there … [Read more...]

DWI First Conviction Penalties In New Jersey


New Jersey law enforcement officers are always on the lookout for drivers who are operating their vehicles under the influence. While drunk driving in New Jersey is not a criminal offense but a traffic offense, that doesn’t make the penalties any less harsh if they are caught and convicted of the … [Read more...]

NJ DWI Sentencing Process And Outcomes


Whenever a driver is arrested of charges of driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, there will be many questions and concerns they will have. Often, these involve the process and outcomes of the sentencing after they have been tried. From the time a driver is stopped by law enforcement on suspicion … [Read more...]

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