Myth Of 60 Day Speedy Trial In NJ DUI Case


Drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence in New Jersey often make the mistake of believing the myth that their case must be conducted and completed in a “speedy” fashion, meaning within 60 days. Under the system of the New Jersey Municipal Court, the 60 day period – while often … [Read more...]

Speeding Charges with New Jersey DWI


When a driver is arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, there are frequently other charges that will be added to what he or she will face. An example of this is speeding. While DWI is not a criminal offense and is, instead, a traffic violation, the penalties are still … [Read more...]

Pre-Trial Intervention Can’t Help NJ DWIs


Pre-trial Intervention (PTI) is a program that is available to certain New Jersey offenders who meet the proper criteria. First time offenders who have never had a previous criminal conviction are eligible to be part of the PTI program. The offender will have to be supervised for between one and … [Read more...]

Reckless Driving Charge During DWI Stop


In many instances, when a New Jersey driver is stopped and arrested on charges of the traffic offense driving while intoxicated, it’s not just the DWI charges that will be a problem. Depending on the circumstances, a driver might also be confronted with charges for what happened while he or she was … [Read more...]

Drunk And Disorderly Charge During DWI Stop


If a person is charged with driving drunk in New Jersey, it is a traffic offense that carries with it punishments such as fines, surcharges and potential jail time. The amounts can vary depending on the blood alcohol content in the driver’s system, how many times they have been convicted of the … [Read more...]

Resisting Arrest During DWI Stop


When a driver is stopped on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a frequent problem that occurs after an investigation has been conducted is resisting arrest. While drivers might believe that they have certain rights when a DWI investigation and subsequent arrest are underway, it is not allowable … [Read more...]

Arrested For DWI When Not Driving?


In New Jersey, when a person is caught driving while intoxicated, they should be aware of the penalties they will face for the act. Even if they don’t believe they were drunk when they got behind the wheel of the motor vehicle and plan to fight the charges as hard as they can, they understand the … [Read more...]

Fighting NJ DWI Manslaughter Charges


In New Jersey, when a driver drives while intoxicated, there is the potential for an arrest and charges that can include jail time, fines, surcharges, a driver’s license suspension and other penalties. It doesn’t just apply to driving a motor vehicle. It could also occur if the driver is operating a … [Read more...]

What Are Garden State DUI Limits?


It can be a frightening occurrence when a driver is pulled over by law enforcement in New Jersey on suspicion of driving under the influence. If the driver hasn’t been drinking, there should be nothing to fear from an officer going through the procedures of investigating a possible DWI or if the … [Read more...]

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